The Clearing

The Clearing – 36″w x 36″h

Sage Landscape I

Sage Landscape I – 10″w x 17″h

No Lost Time 008

No Lost Time – 24″w x 30″h

Pure Blonde

Pure Blonde – 36″w x 36″h

Silver Lining

Silver Lining – 36″w x 36″h

Rustling of Bamboo

Rustling of Bamboo – 24″w x 24″h

Blonde Light I

Blonde Light I – 36″w x 24″h


Awaken – 36″w x 36″h


Signature Series II – 16″w x 20″h

The Sun Rises

The Sun Rises – 48″w X 72″h


Equilibrium – 48″w x 36″h

Blue Skies

Blue Skies – 36″w x 36″h

Sorbet Series VIII

Sorbet Series VIII – 10″w x 10″h

Blonde Skies

Blonde Skies – 72″w x 36″h

In Sync

In Sync – 36″w x 36″h

Green Flash

Green Flash – 36″w x 24″h

Elan I

Elan I – 48″w x 60″h


First-Light – 24″w x 30″h

Over the Line

Over the Line- 48″w x 48″h

Mist and Morn

Mist and Morn – 48″w x 60″ h

Signature Series I

Signature Series I – 16″w x 20″h

It's All Good

It’s All Good – 24″w x 36″h

Sorbet Series VII

Sorbet Series VII – 10″w x 10″h

Abstract II

Abstract II – 24″w x 24″h

Blonde Shores

Blonde Shores – 36″w x 36″h

Elan II

Elan II – 48″w x 60″h


Awaken-I – 24″w x 36″h


Kin Tusuru no Kimono I – 9″w x 12″h

Shikkoku to Shiro no Kimono I

Shikkoku to Shiro no Kimono I – 22″w x 30″h

Chujoku-jin no Kimono I

Chujoku-jin no Kimono II – 12″w x 18″h


Shojohi no Kimono – 22″w x 30″h

Chujoku-jin no Kimono I – 9″w x 12″h

Chocho no Kimono I

Chocho no Kimono I – 9″w x 12″h


Odori no Kimono – 17″w x 22″h

Shikkoku to Shiro no-Kimono-I

Shikkoku to Shiro no Kimono I – 22″w x 30″h

Kin Take no Kimono III – 9″w x 12″h

Tonoshimi no Kimono I

Tonoshimi no Kimono I – 12″w x 18″h


Takusa no Kimono – 17″w x 22″h

Paula Des Jardins

San Diego based artist Paula DesJardins creates contemporary abstract oil paintings, monoprints and mixed media pieces. Influenced by her years living in Asia, her work offers a unique perspective and palate that has resulted in international acclaim. Characterized by its use of brilliant color, rich textures, and powerful brush strokes, critics agree that the work of Paula DesJardins is “modern art that will endure”.

Selected exhibitions include:
A Gallery of Fine Art, Rancho Mirage, CA
Contessa Gallery, Cleveland, OH
Dizyners Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
Miriam Perlman Gallery, Chicago, IL
Patrick Moore Gallery, San Diego, CA
Sonya Sparks Gallery, San Diego, CA
Square Gallery, London, UK
Tensho Gallery, Vancouver, CAN
Touchstone Gallery, Hong Kong
Tokyo Museum of Art, Urawashi, Japan
Woodmere Art Museum, Philadelphia, PA

Corporate collections include:
ABN AMRO, Hong Kong
Boston Children’s Hospital, Boston, MA
China World Trade Center, Beijing, China
Con Am Management, San Diego, CA
Hyatt Regency Hotel, Hong Kong
IBM, Chicago, IL
Macau Golf and Country Club, Macau
Ritz Carlton Hotel, Hong Kong
Schloss Hotel, Vienna, Austria
Venetian Hotel, Macao
Xerox, Chicago, IL